• Železná Ruda- 754 m above sea level was originally a mining settlement, which originated in the 16th century. Its bloom is connected with an iron ore mining, it lasted 150 years and left the locality its name. Glass development in the 18th century represents another significant era of Železná Ruda, where the glass from the glass works from Alžbětín, Debrník and Nová Hůrka was exported all over the world
  • The Prášily Lake
  • The Black Lake – by its area the largest in Šumava .It got its name because of an illusory black colour of the lake water caused by the reflexion of surrounding deep forests . A 330 m high wall of Jezerní hora /Lake Hill/ rises above the lake. The lake is of a glacial origin
  • The Devil´s Lake – is of a glacial origin. It is proclaimed a natural reservation together with the Black Lake
  • The Laka Lake – is the higly located one of all the eight lakes of Šumava, it is the smallest one at the same time. It is typical by its floating little islands
  • Pancíř – a seat funicular goes from 9 am to 4 pm
  • Javor (Arber) – a possibility to use a cabin funicular
  • The outlook tower Poledník /Meridin/